Speed Time and Distance Short Tricks, Shortcut Problems & Solution

Time and Distance Short Tricks:

if you are preparing any competitive exam then you should have to  prepare as according to the Syllabus of relevant exam like SSC/IBPS/BANK/SBI/IAS/UPSC/RPSC and any other exam. Here we are providing the some tricks of Math and Aptitude related to the topics Speed Time and Distance. Speed, Time and Distance are related to the each one. from below provided questions you can get the formula and short tricks of Math and Aptitude Test. The Speed Time and Distance Methods shortcut tricks are provided below.

Speed, Time and Distance Formulas:

  1. Speed= Distance/Time
  2. Time= Distance/Speed
  3. Distance= Rate*Time

The condition wise time and distance tricks is provided below:-

Time and Distance Questions, Solutions and Short Tricks:

Question: 1. A boy travels from A to B. He covers half distance at 4 km/hr, and other half at 3 km/hr. Total time taken is 5 hours, then distance from A to B will be?
Solution: Total distance from A to B = 2* [(Product of speeds)/(Addition of speeds) * Time), D = 2 * [(4*3)/(4+3)]* 7 ]= 24 km
D = 24 km
Short Trick: Distance = [(S1*S2)/(S1+S2)]t
Question: 2. A boy goes from A to B. If speed is 30 km/hr, he is late by 20 minutes. If speed is 40 km/hr, he reaches 10 minutes earlier, then distance from A to B will be ?
Solution: Difference in time = 20 – (-10) = 30 minutes or 1/2 hr……..earlier(-10)
Distance = Product of speeds/Difference of speeds * Difference in time
= 30*40/(40-30) * 1/2 = 60 km
D = 30km
Short Trick: Distance = [(S1*S2)/[(S1-S2)]t
Question: 3. Walking at 3/4th of usual speed, person is late by 20 minutes. What is usual Time?
Solution: Let t be usual time.
Reciprocate speed for time, i.e. 4/3 * t
Person is late by 10 minutes, so (4/3 * t) – t = 20
t = 60 min
Short Trick: Original time = (Reciprocal of given speed*t) – t(late)
Original time = (Reciprocal of given speed*t) + t(early)
Question: 4. A man leaves from A to B. Speed with stoppages = 40 km/hr, speed without stoppages = 60 km/hr. Find the time man stop?
Soultion: Minutes per hour the man stops = (60-40)/60 = 1/3 hr = 20 min
Time = 15 min
Short Trick: Stop time = (s2-s1)/s2
Question: 5. Two, trains, one from Jaipur to Mumbai and the other from Mumbai to Jaipur, start simultaneously. After they meet, the trains reach their destinations after 9 hours and 16 hours respectively. The ratio of their speed will be?
Solution: A:B = √b : √a = 4 : 3
A:B = 4:3
Short Trick: A’s Speed : B’s Speed = √b : √a

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