Partnership Tricks Problems and Solutions Math Tricks, Quantitative Aptitude Tricks

Partnership Short Cut Tricks Problems and Solutions Math Tricks, Quantitative Aptitude Tricks

Partnership: The Partnership is the commonly asked topics in any competitive Exam like IBPS, BANK, SBI PO, SBI SO, RPSC, UPSC and many other exams. The Partnership is well known subject of Quantitative Aptitude. Here we are discussing on the Partnership problems and Solutions According to the previous year question papers.

Partnership: The Partnership can be in more than two persons. Suppose that two persons start a new business on their own choice then the persons that start business will be called Partners and Deals is done in between them will be called Partnership. The profit and loss sharing among partners will be as per Investment done by them.

Working and Sleeping Partners: A Partner who manages all the business will be called as a working partner and other one who only done investment will be called sleeping partner.

Partnership Questions and Answers According to Previous Year Solved papers.

Question 1: Calculate the Ratio between Ram and Shyam if Ram started a business investing with Rs. 9000 and after six months Shyam joined with Ram investing Rs. 6000.

Solution: Profit Ratio= 9000X12: 6000X6



Short Cut Trick: Ratio between Ram and Shyam= Ram Investment X Time Duration: Shyam X Time Duration

Question 2: Mukesh invest Rs. 10000 in a new business after eight months Anil joined with Mukesh Rs. 15000. Calculate the Ratio of Profit in between at the end of year??

Solution: Profit Gain= 10000X12:15000X4

Profit= 2:1

Short Cut Tricks: Profit= Mukesh Investment X Time Duration: Anil Investment X Time Duration

Question 3: X, Y, Z hire a car for Rs. 900 and used it for 7, 9 and 8 hours respectively. Find out the charges paid by C?

Solution: X:Y:Z = (7:9:8)

Charges Paid by X= 900X8/24=Rs. 300

Question 4: Rahul and Mukesh start a business for 1 year. The Rahul invest Rs. 9000 in it. Calculate the investment of Mukesh if the profit is in Ratio of 3:5 in between Rahul and Mukesh.

Solution: Ratio of Profit in between Rahul and Mukesh=3:5




Question 5: Rahul, Anil and Mukesh started a business by investing Rs. 150000, Rs. 175000 and Rs. 200000 respectively. Find out the share of each partner out of annual profit of Rs. 125000??

Solution: Ratio of Rahul, Anil and Mukesh= Ratio of their Investment

Rahul: Anil: Mukesh = 150000:175000:200000= 6:7:8

Now Share of Rahul= Rs. [125000X6/21]= 35714.28

Anil Share= Rs. [125000X7]/21=41666.66

Mukesh Share= Rs. [125000X8]/21= 47619.04

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