Math Basic Short Tricks Addition, Multiplication and Division Problems and Solutions

Math Basic Short Cut Tricks Addition, Multiplication and Division Problems and Solutions:

The Addition, Multiplication and Division are the most important part of Math Aptitude. The Questions on Addition, Multiplication and Division are commonly asked questions in any competitive exam. Here we are discussing on the Basic Math Short Tricks. Basic Math Question is asked in almost all the exams like SSC, RPSC, BANK, SBI, IBPS, Teacher, TET and Many other entrance exams.

Addition: We know that the time is the most important part of any exam. You want to crack any exam then you should go for time management. If you managed time according to the time required than everything will be easier for you. So to any kind of question you should have to know the short tricks of addition. The addition can be said the combination of two or more numbers to find total or sum of those numbers. Like 5+4=9

Multiplication: The Multiplication can be said the mathematical operation where one number is multiplied by another. The multiplication tricks are very important for fast calculation. Like 5X4=20

Division Tricks: The Division can be said Arithmetic Operation where a number is distributed equally. Like If a Bag has 9 Balls and we want to distribute equally in three persons then 9/3=3

Basic Math Tricks Aptitude Questions and Answers According to Previous Year Solved Papers:

Question 1: Find Out the Addition of Similar Digit Like 3+33+333+33333=?

Solution: In the very First step take 3 common and replace all 3 with 1

Like: 3(1+11+111+11111)

Count Number of Digits

Like 1=1, 11=2, 111=3, 11111=5

Taking Together= 1235

In the series 3 with four digit is missing. Take a imaginary 4 between 3 and 5. So the number will be 12345

Multiply 3X12345= 37035 Now Subtract 3333 from result we get


Answer= 33702

Question 2: Find out the addition of Similar Digit Like 5+55+555??

Solution: Take 5 Common and Replace all 5 with 1 like 5(1+11+111)

Count Number of Digits in each number and like 1=1, 11=2, 111=3 and write together

Multiply 5X123=615

Answer= 615

Question 3: Calculate the multiplication of two digit number like 43X63=??

Solution: Multiply 3X3=9 and Note 9

Do Cross Multiplication (4X3) =12 and (6X3)=18

Add both the results (4X3+6X3)=30 and write 0 to left of 9 and carry 3

Multiply left hand side numbers (4X6)=24 and add carry (24+3)=27 and write down to the left of 0 we get 2709

Answer: 2709

Question 4: Calculate the divisibility of a number by 2?. The number is 223344880

Solution: 223344880/2= 111672440

Question 5: Calculate the divisibility by 3 of a Number like 861??

Solution: Add all the digits


15 is divisible by 3 so number is divisible by 3

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