Age Shortcut Tricks Problems and Solutions Math Tricks Solved Papers

Age Shortcut Tricks Problems and Solutions Math Tricks:

The Problems on Age is the very important topic of Math and Quantitative Aptitude. The age of any person is measured by years from birth. The age questions are commonly asked questions in any competitive exam like SSC, NABARD, IBPS, SBI, BANK PO SO and many others. Here we are discussing on the age Problems with solutions. The questions asked in competitive exam are little different, you won’t be able to answer directly. You should use some methods or formulas to solve the questions. Every short trick depends on the type of questions asked. So prepare competitive exam very effectively.

Problems and Solutions on Ages According to previous years Question Papers:

Question 1: Calculate the present age of Deepika if Ratio between the ages of Deepika and Alia is 6:9 respectively and difference between their ages after 6 years will be 14 years.

Solution: Suppose the age can be defined as X, So According to the question

Ratio between their ages is 6:9

Actual Ages will be 6X and 9X

The difference between ages is 6X-9X

The difference between age is 15 years=> 6X-9X=15


So the Deepika’s current Age will be= 5X5=25 years

Question 2: Jay is 33 years younger then his mother. Five a years ago, Jay was ¼ as old as his mother was. Calculate the Jay’s Present Age??

Solution: 5 years ago the ratio between their ages of Jay: mother= 1X:4X

We know that Jay is 33 years younger than his Mother. So difference between their ages is 33

Now =>3X=33=>X=11

This age is 5 years ago than present age will be = 11+5=16 years

Question 3: The total age of Rashi and Radhika are 15 years more than that of total age of Radhika and Divya. Find Divya is how many younger than Rashi??

Solution: Calculating as according to the question:

Rashi+Radhika= Radhika+Divya+15=> Rashi=Divya+10=> Divya=Rashi-15

So Divya is 15 years younger than Rashi.

Question 4: Ramesh is 24 years younger than  his father Mohan. 3 years ago, Ramesh was 1/5 as old as his father was. Calculate the Ramesh’s present age??

Solution: As per given 10 years, Ratio between their age was Ramesh: Mohan = 1X:5X

At this time Ramesh is 24 years younger than his father. So age difference between their age will be 24 years.

5X-1X=24 years=> x=6 years

This age was 3 years ago so today Ganesh’s age will be 6+3=9 Years

Question 5: The age of Sachin and Sourav are  in the Ratio of 8:7. After 10 years the ratio of their ages will be 13:12. What is the difference in the years between their ages?

Solution: Suppose that present age of Sachin and Sourav = 8X and 7X

After 10 years


X=2 years

So difference in age 8X-7X-14= 2 years

Short Cut Formula X= New Ratio X Added or Subtracted number/ difference between old and new Ratio’s Cross Multiplication


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